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This will include how long the investigation is likely to last for. The good news is that HMRC does NOT have the last word in any HMRC investigation. There is an excellent independent Tax Tribunal Appeal service available.

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A notification of a tax investigation is one of the most intimidating moments in life. Even those who are doing everything they can to make certain their records are accurate may eventually find themselves in this unenviable position. When someone is faced with official tax enquiries regarding their personal or business taxes, it is important to make the right decisions from the start.

Find Professional Representation

When a tax investigation in unavoidable, it should be a priority to find a knowledgeable company that is able to represent the taxpayer during the investigation. The average person may be unfamiliar with the newest tax laws or know what to expect in this type of event, but a company that is experienced with these investigations will always be prepared. They can help clients make sense of all communications they receive and be a knowledgeable voice throughout the ordeal.

Gather Necessary Paperwork

A tax investigation specialist will provide clients with a complete list of all of the documents, receipts and any other materials that may need to be provided. Some of these may be specifically for their records, but most will relate to the investigation. This information needs to be gathered early so they are ready with all of the details needed to answer any questions from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) office.

Follow All Advice

Not every taxpayer is required by law to attend every meeting suggested by the HMRC. A specialist can make certain the client is aware of when and where these meetings are beneficial or when they should be avoided. They will typically suggest clients only attend a meeting, answer questions or surrender documents when they are legally obligated to do so. Since all communication should be directed through the office of the specialist, the client will only be notified of these requests as needed.

Give Them Control

All phone calls and written inquiries from the HMRC should be handled by the tax specialist personally. This keeps them updated on the case and it ensures the investigator gets only the information they need. This saves their clients time as well as worry and stress. Someone without previous experience may feel that each phone call or letter is bad news or a sign of the seriousness of the case. The representative will understand that a lot of this communication is just routine paperwork and nothing to worry about. But their experience will also make it easy for them to know when there is reason to be concerned.

There is no reason for anyone to lose sleep over an hmrc tax investigation. Many taxpayers are found to have been accurate in their record keeping and the investigation is ended at that point. This outcome is the easiest to achieve when a tax specialist is there to keep everything organized and moving along smoothly. If their client is discovered to have underpaid, a specialist will work directly with the HMRC to negotiate a discount for the client. This often makes it possible for the client to reduce the total to a fraction of the original bill.

hmrc tax investigation

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