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Filing and doing taxes are a stressful and painful process for just about anyone having to do them. Sometimes, more issues arise than you initially count on, and things like tax investigations have to happen. Tax investigation is a long process where unpaid taxes from previous filing years is evaluated and checked out, and unfortunately it cannot be taken away once it is filed. Here is some of the best information to know about hmrc tax investigations.

What Can Cause It?

Oftentimes, the official reason for being served with a tax investigation is not rightly stated, but there are many factors that can cause it. Sometimes it is caused by an obvious omission from the HMRC and sometimes it is completely and totally random. If you are in an HMRC target area, you have the possibility to get a tax investigation. Likewise, if you have suspicious behavior to the HMRC such as rapidly fluctuating income or consistent late returns, they may tax investigate you.

What is the Process?

When you first receive the tax inquiries letter, be sure to read it thoroughly so you can know what to expect and do. Next, it is a good idea to seek professional advice and help to help you determine what to do next and how to proceed with the littlest amount of penalty on your behalf. Sometimes the process is over after one letter and sometimes it can last a few months.

What Are The Penalties?

Penalties all depend on the omission—how it was reported (voluntarily/involuntarily), the circumstance of it, and the quantum of it. Penalties are often calculated depending on the circumstances, and are usually added onto the tax payments. The higher the penalty, the higher the additional payment which can range from an additional 15 to 100 percent.

How Are Accountants Beneficial?

Getting a tax consultant or accountant is very beneficial to employ because they are educated about the process. They can not only ensure you’re getting the proper information, but they can also take in any other communications about your tax investigation. They will also negotiate your payments and fees to ensure that you get the lowest fees or penalties possible.

As you can see, there are many things to be educated on concerning tax investigations. If for some reason you are served with one of these reports, it is vital to know what to expect and how to handle the process as easily as possible without stressing yourself out. Knowing what to expect and how to handle it and get help can make things run a lot more smoothly for you. If you have to experience tax investigation, check out this information to make everything easier.

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